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    Experimenting and having wonderful success with multiple scion grafts onto one rootstock (a citrus cocktail plant) I am curious as to opinions on the best citrus cocktail plants to make. A few ideas I have come up with include:
    • The kumquat cocktail: Centennial, Marumi, and Meiwa kumquats as shown in the attached photo.
    • The Sprite: Lisbon lemon, persian lime combo.
    • The Lime Lovers: Persian lime, giant key lime, palestine sweet lime combo.
    • The Lemon Lovers: Lisbon, Ponderosa, and New Zealand Lemonade combo.
    • The Blood Orange Lovers: Moro, Tarocco, and Vanilla blood orange combo.
    If you had to choose, what cocktail plant would you make from the 56 different varieties of citrus we currently have in our collection: Citrus | Aprici

    What would your ideal combo be and why?

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