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    Hi there

    I have a Chinese Wisteria plant that is destroying our garden shed. We have cut it down, but would like to get rid of it as would our neighbors. I believe it is to deep and close to our shed to cut it out.
    Could you please tell me how to stop this plant from growing? Thanks.

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    There's no magic answer (or poison that won't affect lots of other things you do like). Call a landscape place and see what they charge or at least get rid of whatever you can. I'm not sure I really understand the problem of being too close to the shed to cut though.. that should only be a problem if you plant it, not get rid of it.
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    Hi Lynn,

    The ONLY time I ever used an herbicide was to get rid of Campsis radicans - trumpet vine that I'd inherited and had sprouted all over the garden.

    Here's what I did and you can do to get rid of your wisteria. Put about an inch of Round Up Weed and Grass Killer Super Concentrate (you could also use Brush B Gone) in a clear plastic container with a tight fitting lid like you might get at the deli with potato salad. Cut a slit in the lid and insert the tips of the vine in the solution when in active growth (has leaves on it and the leaves need to be in the solution). Leave the vines in the solution for 48 hours and then cut the vines near the lid. To remove the vine from the lid, be sure and take the container to a safe place so that no solution splashes on anything precious. You can reuse the solution until it is all absorbed. Everytime I find a new sprout I do this same procedure. So far there have been no sprouts from areas that were treated this way.

    Good luck!

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