'Chinese Hibiscus' Abelmoschus Manihot

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    I've searched some years ago for sources of seeds or plants but no one in BC that I contacted (even the large nurseries or importers), had any suggestions of where to locate this variety. The sources of seed suppliers in the states that did handle the seeds at one time, no longer have information about them.

    This is a yellow flowered hibiscus that is grown annually, has a fascinating history of use by traditional Japanese papermakers and in centuries past, when papermaking in Japan was at it's height, every household in Japan was required by law to grow 3 of these plants in their garden to supply the industry. The plant does not supply fibres for paper but without the thickening aid that the roots supply, Japanese handmade paper could not have the extreme fineness and strenth. Today, a synthetic polymer is used but it has health concerns associated with it and does not quite compare with the quality of the natural source.

    Does anyone know of a source of the seeds in Canada for Abelmoschus Manihot, (I think it was 'goldenbowl')

    Thank you
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    I doubt that you'll get the seeds here, however places like www.jungleseeds.com sell that variety (I think thats where I got mine). They will mail to Canada without hassle.
    also B&W seeds online is a good place to look.

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