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Discussion in 'Plant Propagation' started by Linda Bristol, May 16, 2009.

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    We bought 2 cherry trees last year and made sure they were good to pollinate each other. Now, one has nice foliage on it and a branch coming up from the base with leaves in it, but one has a branch coming up from the base with lots of leaves on it, but the top half looks like it tried to bud, but a late freeze may have stopped it. What should we do and how long does it usually take cherry trees to bear fruit? These branches that come up from the base, are they normal and should we leave them or cut them off?
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    You need to remove the basal branches. Your cherry tree must be a grafted tree, the basal branches are from the rootstock, and are not the same variety as the rest of the tree. Actually, whether your tree is a grafted tree or not, you still need to cut the bottom branches from the tree. - Millet (1,344-)

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