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    In 2018 after decades of having a lawn I decided it was time to give more room for my trees, so over several days it was dug up and removed. In it's place I laid pine bark to give a woodland appearance. But after a few years of seeing just a dark brown surface, I thought it was time for some green in-between my stepping stones.
    I didn't want grass again, so I decided upon Chamomile to place where feet might crush it and give a lovely scent.
    So I thought I would post a thread on me starting the journey from sowing seeds to hopefully planting out in early May. I ordered 20,000 and put in many 9cm pots and this is how one of the pots is looking after 6 weeks.
    I will be thinning them out soon, but might keep them in clumps to give a nice cushion effect.
    I would be interested to hear others experiences with Chamomile, as it is my first time in planting this.
    Chamomile 710.JPG

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