Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Fernspray Gold'

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    It was all I could do to not put a ? in the subject line. My friends have five of these young trees in a bed in their their garden but they didn't know the name. It fits the description and the photos I see for Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Fernspray Gold'. The brightest yellow one was facing south; the others were in the same bed but were more shaded. The second and third leaf photos show one branchlet turned over to reveal the green underside.
    Chamaecyparis-obtusaFernsprayGold_Garry-PrivateGarden-SurreyBC_Cutler_20180806_182412.jpg Chamaecyparis-obtusaFernsprayGold_Garry-PrivateGarden-SurreyBC_Cutler_20180806_182525.jpg Chamaecyparis-obtusaFernsprayGold_Garry-PrivateGarden-SurreyBC_Cutler_20180806_182550.jpg
    Chamaecyparis-obtusaFernsprayGold_Garry-PrivateGarden-SurreyBC_Cutler_20180806_170718.jpg Chamaecyparis-obtusaFernsprayGold_Garry-PrivateGarden-SurreyBC_Cutler_20180806_170817.jpg Chamaecyparis-obtusaFernsprayGold_Garry-PrivateGarden-SurreyBC_Cutler_20180806_182446.jpg Chamaecyparis-obtusaFernsprayGold_Garry-PrivateGarden-SurreyBC_Cutler_20180806_182604.jpg

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