Appreciation: Ceperley Meadow in Stanley Park

Discussion in 'Pacific Northwest Native Plants' started by wcutler, May 15, 2019.

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    This is a pretty broad subject line - I welcome anyone to add to this thread. I came across this interpretive sign today, explaining how the meadow between Lost Lagoon and English Bay is being allowed to develop into a more natural wetland.
    StanleyPark-CeperleyMeadow_Cutler_20190515_100159.jpg StanleyPark-CeperleyMeadow_Cutler_20190515_100350.jpg StanleyPark-CeperleyMeadow_Cutler_20190515_100811.jpg

    Here is the Silverweed, Potentilla anserina. Wikipedia (Argentina anserina - Wikipedia) says Argentina anserina is a synonym, yet the entry is curiously filed under Argentina - that's not usually how they do things. The few folklore bits on that page are interesting.
    Fortunately, this stuff is attractive - there is a lot of it here.
    Potentilla-anserina_StanleyPark-CeperleyMeadow_Cutler_20190515_100334.jpg Potentilla-anserina_StanleyPark-CeperleyMeadow_Cutler_20190515_100450.jpg Potentilla-anserina_StanleyPark-CeperleyMeadow_Cutler_20190515_100511.jpg Potentilla-anserina_StanleyPark-CeperleyMeadow_Cutler_20190515_100531.jpg Potentilla-anserina_StanleyPark-CeperleyMeadow_Cutler_20190515_100841.jpg

    I think these are plants are both Geum macrophyllum:
    Geum-macrophyllum_StanleyPark-CeperleyMeadow_Cutler_20190515_101006.jpg Geum-macrophyllum_StanleyPark-CeperleyMeadow_Cutler_20190515_101045.jpg
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