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  1. Hello - We are concerned that a spectacular, very large arbutus tree on our property on Saturna Island is failing. Saturna is having a drought, and we are hoping that the tree's problems are temporary and related to this, but we aren't sure. We are looking for a) advice on how to distinguish when an arbutus is "really in trouble"; b) referral to a knowledgeable person who might potentially be willing to look at photos of the tree and voice an opinion; c) advice about an arborist who might actually be willing to make the trip to Saturna (would take a whole day) to look at the tree; d) simple things that we could do to improve the tree's health.


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    From a distance, some potential advice.

    I just came back from Whistler and all along the Sea to Sky there are Arbutus (mainly near horseshoe bay and the few miles South of there) that are yellowing in the interior leaves, dropping leaves (looks like they have been for a few weeks at least from the brown leaves at the base allready). I would attribute this to the dry weather although they are a tree species that likes really good drainage, i think they can only take so much. I offer this advice after a 60 to 80 kph driveby visual inspection albeit from the passenger seat. My wife has given up asking me what I am looking at as I rubberneck all along the highways and biways, my answer has been "TREES." enough times that she doesn't ask anymore. :)

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