Bromeliads (neoregelias) all turning brown on ends

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    First time using this system - hope it's the right place. I recently bought about 40 neoregelias as I am creating a mini rainforest area in temperate zone in Australia. They were bought in separate batches. However, absolutely every one of them has turned crispy brown on the ends of the leaves. It looks like an over-watering condition, however it isn't! I have them potted in a proper brom mix, watered them at first and then have misted them every 2-3 days lightly. Also I have filled the tanks with a very weak Charlie Carp solution. They are currently kept inside in a really well lit area and the weather has been very warm. What is wrong? What can I do? Most grateful!
  2. The tip ends of many bromeliads will turn brown or black because of something in the water. If your water is heavy on minerals they suggest using rainwater or distilled water to spray them.
  3. `a very well lit area` may also be the problem. Broms are originally rainforest plants and therefore thrive in shade. It sounds to me like the ends are burning because of the light. Try to tone down the light a bit. If it helps, they will fix themselves and the brown will become a `callous` of sorts with no damage to the plant or flowering.

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