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    We moved from Cleveland, Ohio to Conroe (Houston), Texas last summer. We had a house built and began doing our landscaping this spring. We've enjoyed all the new varieties of yard plants to choose from in this climate! We love palms and purchased a variety (queen palms, robellini palms, sago palms and a bottle palm) , planted them and they are doing well. My question is relative to the bottle palm It is planted in the yard and is about 6' tall right now. We have had 2 new shoots come out of the middle and grow into new frond branches. Two of the smaller branches near the base of the tree began to turn brown and wither and we cut them off. Is this normal as the tree continues to show new growth? Also, near the base of the tree, one of the outer layers of the bark is splitting open and appears to be shedding this layer. Is this also normal? I would also appreciate knowing what is the best kind of fertilizer to use on this tree? And should we regularly treat it for insects or fungus, etc.? Thanx for your input.

    Lynda - Conroe, TX

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