blue atlas cedar planting options???

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    I recently purchased a beautiful blue atlas cedar from the local Lowes. It is about 7 1/2 ft tall, perfectly straight, and the prettiest blue-green color. I purchased this tree without knowing much about it, because the tag didn't provide any information on how big this tree will eventually become. Before getting home and reading about it on the internet, I had planned on planting the tree near a new pond waterfall that I've recently constructed. Since this tree will eventually be huge, I've had to find another place to plant it. The only other option I have is a location about 10 ft from my home. I would hate to have to return the tree.

    1. Would you recommend me planting this tree 10 ft from my house?

    2. What other blue-green evergreen tree/shrub do you recommend for the smaller confined area by my waterfall (5 ft x 5 ft, no height limitations)? I already have a weeping blue atlas cedar in the area.

    3. Are there any other trees that resemble the young blue atlas cedar that don't grow too big? I know it's NOT possible, but if I could just freeze the tree at its current size or just under 12 ft....I love the Charlie Brown Christmas tree look!

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