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Discussion in 'Pacific Northwest Native Plants' started by Lloyd Serotina, Jun 15, 2017.

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    Hello to all plant people. I'm a new participant. I'm an amateur interested in native species of the PNW.

    I'm currently interested in trying to determine when Fritillaria camschatcensis may be blooming this year in the PNW. I was told that someone saw some in my local area (near Seattle), but when I went there I saw nothing that I thought looked like it. I've never noticed this plant in the wild before and not sure I can ID the plant without flowers. I have seen F. affinis in the wild, so I'm thinking F. camschatcensis can't be more difficult to ID. I've looked at many F. camschatcensis pictures online (including the many fine photos at the E-Flora BC Photo Gallery) and it seems the flower is fairly distinctive, so I'm hoping that I'd notice. But it started me wondering if anyone else in the PNW has noticed this plant flowering yet this year.

    Thanks for any help or ideas.
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    The window is likely over for finding them in bloom locally. I photographed them last year on April 23, in Richmond BC. A former student of mine photographed them in mid-May this year in Port Moody. I've also photographed them in late June on Haida Gwaii, but that is much further north.

    It will look similar to Fritillaria affinis without flowers, though generally taller (not _always_ the case). Fritillaria camschatcensis is much more a plant of wet environments locally; estuaries, oceanside, wet meadows--from my observations, that changes further north where it can be found in mountain meadows.

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