Beni Shidare Verigated colour.

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    Greetings fellow Maples lovers,

    Last year I purchased a Beni Shidare Verigated Japanese Maple which turned out to be quite a greenish maple with white verigated streaks through the leaves. I started calling it my bird poop maple as it looked like birds aimed for it when they had to do their business. Autumn produced the most wonderful bronze colouration. I was looking forward to this season to see the growth again but this year, it is a dull red (but still quite striking) with very little green and almost no white in the leaves.

    As the tree is only a couple of years old, is it normal to do this and will I end up with a red maple as the name suggests? It is quite a prolific grower as it was just a stem last year.

    I have attached a picture of it with an Osakazuki on the left and a coralbark on the right of it to give contrast to the colouration of the maple.



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