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    I used to be a regular here. But a decade or so has gone by. Anyway, I looked at an old email account and saw some notifications from here and thought " OHYEAH!"
    Unsure of where to come in with content, allow me to post my YouTube channel vids of me doing Plant ID hikes in the interior with my partner for 2022.
    Theres nearly 2 hours of content here and I think you'll find it more than relevant to your interests.
    Please enjoy.

    If anyone is interested, carcasses of the dead turtles were sent to the lab in Guelph, it was determined that they did not have ranavirus, and likely died due to bacterial pneumonia from Immunodeficiency caused by an excessively cold winter. Though, I and the wildlife veterenarian both have doubts as to the correctness of this diagnosis, feeling its more of a "wild guess" not supported by evidance.

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