BC dogwood re-blooming in August? Cornus

Discussion in 'Outdoor Gardening in the Pacific Northwest' started by Georgia Strait, Aug 26, 2018.

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    re: Cornus nuttallii (Pacific dogwood - BC province flower)
    Cornus nuttallii - Wikipedia

    I notice in some of the gardens near the beach near Vancouver BC that the native dogwoods (the BC flower symbol) are blooming again - in August!

    and more than just a few "blooms" (I know the white petals are not technically petals, correct?)

    is this normal or is it due to drought (many of these have irrigated lawns around them, and definitely shaded roots (other shrubs around the bases of the trees)

    ... and the trees otherwise look healthy. I am sure they bloomed prolifically at the "correct time" this past spring.

    just curious
    thank you.
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    Yes, I was intrigued by fact that you see some native dogwoods reblooming. I haven't seen any in the woods around here but will keep my eyes open and let you know if I do. When things like that happen, I always suspect that the plants are under stress hope that isn't the case with the dogwoods. So many of our native dogwoods died of anthracnose after it was introduced to the area around 1986. I've heard the theory that those left have some sort of resistance but we don't want to lose any more.

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