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    Hi everyone, I bought my first banana plant. Then with in one week I notice leaf didn't look healthy. What it might me? I cut leaf from the plant. Many

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    @Ninap good afternoon and welcome to the forum. I hope you get the answers to your question, I am sure you will.
    On the Outdoor Tropicals forum there are already some interesting threads on Banana plants and yellowing of leaves. Do take a look as this might give you the answer you are looking for. Here is a link that might help.

    My Banana Leaves are turning black
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    Hi Ninap. Could we see a photo of the whole plant? If that happened in one week from coming home, it looks to me like it could be sunburn. That is actually really rare in bananas, but can happen when several leaves are grown out under partial shade cloth (like at a nursery where it is mixed with other tropicals), then moved quickly to full sun at your home. Usually the new leaves have no problem adjusting to the full sun, it's just the older established ones.

    Bananas are famous for being able to outgrow almost any problem if given enough sun, regular water (with good drainage at the bottom of the pot), and fertilizer, so it's usually best to concentrate on how the new leaves are unfurling to see how your plant is actually doing. They grow fast!

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