Avocado root graft? and planting [Picture]

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    Hi there!

    I bought a baby Hass avocado plant....and I mean, very small and skinny, but straight. It was advertised as "being grafted."

    1) Is this what a root graft looks like??? Or was this plant grown from a seed??? Never seen anything like this before. I know nothing about grafting and the only graft I've ever seen is a scion stuck to the side of another stem/rootstock. Can any Expert Grafter give me an opinion?

    2) When I plant this scrawny avocado tree in a container [LOL], should THIS "graft union [in question]" be under the soil line (cover with soil) or above the soil line and exposed???

    On the second picture I used a water sprayed bottle to clean up the "graft union [?]".

    Please advise.


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