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Discussion in 'Woody Plants' started by Daniel Mosquin, Apr 21, 2006.

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    I have planted Az Ash and have had good luck. I live in Arizona and maybe that's why!! Deep watering at a minimum of 2x per week is essential. They are hardy if given ample water....deep watering. Arizona is dryer (Tucson where I live) than Texas. I deep water mine 3x per week. In the winter only 2x a week unless we have good rain then not at all. I will upload pictures for you. It grows slower than the Mexican Ash, but the slower a tree grows the longer it will live so they tell me. I am attaching a picture of both trees. I have one Az ash and one Mexican ash in my front yard. The taller is the Az ash and is about 2 years older than the smaller Mexican ash. It was planted 4 years ago and was small when planted. I like the Az ash better. It has a lighter leaf and a fuller look to it. The smaller ash was planted 2 years ago. Look at the trunk compared to that of the az ash. It's bigger and the tree has grown faster. It's not as thick as the Az ash and i think that's why I like the Az ash better. In these pictures the Mexican ash is on the left as you're facing the house.

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