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    I had a very old - but sentimental - arborvitae that was blown over in a bad windstorm. It was chain-sawed up and the logs taken away before I even realized it. I was wondering if there's any way to propagate it by taking cuttings from the small branches that were left on the lawn? And how quickly would I have to do this - it's dormant at this time of year, correct?
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    Not easy. Arborvitae can be propagated from cuttings more easily than most conifers, but it does generally need shoots taken from a vigorous young plant. Cuttings from old trees don't take well. If you're going to try, select shoots with the most vigorous growth from the top of the crown - look for slender green twigs with widely spaced side shoots.
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    Michael is certainly correct when you advises to use only young shoots in an attempt to root Arborvitae. Further the numerous varieties of Arborvitae are normally increased by young cutting inserted ina a bed of sand, or sand and peat moss, in a warm greenhouse in September or October, or in a cold frame in August, and left undisturbed until well rooted. You can give it the old college try, but I believe your success rate does not look good. - Millet (1,426-)

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