Appropriate host trees for tuber melanosporum orchards

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    Greetings all.

    I am a student at UBC's Okanagan campus that's currently researching appropriate conditions for black truffle (Tuber spp.) growth in the Okanagan valley region, mostly in the Kelowna area.

    I'm stumbling in one particular aspect of my research - I don't know what host tree to use for the symbiote. Since the Okanagan Valley region is further northeast of the Lower Mainland region, the selected host tree must be able to withstand potential soil frost, as well as temperatures beyond a moderate range as found in the Lower Mainland. The Okanagan Valley region experiences low to moderate amounts of precipitation throughout the year and in the summer time can have temperatures greater than 35 degrees. In the winter time, temperatures are usually mild (usually -5 to 5 degrees) but the amount of snowfall precipitation is more variable but tends to be moderate.

    For my purposes I have narrowed down a few species:
    - Quercus ilex (English oak)
    - Quercus garryana (Garry oak)
    - hazelnut tree
    - willow tree

    What would be the benefits and drawbacks of using these? and would there be any other species that would be able to grow well in the Okanagan?

    My thanks in advance.
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    Have you spoken yet with Dr. Shannon Berch? She is a research scientist and a founding member of the Truffle Association of British Columbia.

    Dr. Shannon Berch -

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