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Discussion in 'Fruit and Nut Trees' started by Helmut R. Weber, Aug 15, 2006.

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    Richmond, BC

    I bought at your apple festival two fruit trees that I am training as an espalier. This is the first year that they are bearing fruit.

    When do I harvest 'Malus Rubinette' and 'Poppy's Wonder"?
  2. Daniel Mosquin

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    For 'Rubinette', one reference I have suggests late September, and another site I've found suggests early October.

    'Poppy's Wonder' is a bit of an enigma, though - I can't find the cultivar name online (nor in the books I've used), so I'll pass the question along to the FOGs who run the Apple Festival and see what reference they were using.
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    Vancouver, BC
    Hi Helmut --

    I realize this is an ancient thread but I am in Vancouver and am looking for Rubinette scion wood and am wondering if you might have some? I could trade for other scions or come up with some other arrangement.

    In terms of scions or potential cuttings, I have:

    Apple scionwood: I have Florina, Jonafree, Karmijn de Sommeville, and Liberty
    Fig: I have Desert King.
    Gooseberry: I have Yellow Hinnomaki
    Currant: Pink Champagne
    Blueberries: I have Polaris and Northland
    Grape: I have a vine that is either Reliance, Canadice, and Suffolk. Sadly, I don't know which as the label fell off.

    I'm also looking for Hardy Kiwi cuttings: I'm looking for males, Issai, and any variety other than Anna and Ken's Red.

    Thanks kindly!

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