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Discussion in 'Indoor and Greenhouse Plants' started by moondance719, Mar 24, 2021.

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    Hey! Anyone interested in chatting about some of my houseplants and giving some advice on placement and light/water type questions? 80% of my houseplants are very happy and growing beautifully, I'm able to give them exactly what's they need. Most all my plants are just greenery, either not in bloom yet or done bloom, succulents, and other common perennials. I recently took up the hobby of rehabbing or taking in unwanted plants. Some are in rough shape when they arrive, and I'm passionate about trying to revive, but SOME are just passed down from generations and generations toooo large and difficult for the elderly folks I work with. I have some newer ones that I'm thinking Im needing to change some humidity levels and get more direct light. I have 2 large south windows that I'm working with but also some grow lights. The ones I'm interest d in advice on are as follows: small common arrow head plant, red anthurium flower and arrows, 3 diff types of hoyas, and primrose's ad th biggggg struggle a 20 yr old burros tail. It was trailing 6 ft long tails, and when I moved it from it's home of 20 yrs, MANY TAILS FELL and MANY LEAVES DROPPED. I had so many burros leaves and cuttings I had to toss them cuz I was finding them all over my house. Im propegating small cuttings, larger ones and the leaves themselves Also as a side note, my burros look very narrow and thin. Not juicy and thick and full like I see smaller plants in pics. Anyway plz comment with advice for the plants I mentioned and ask for any pics you wan to see. I live in Colorado. Very dry. But we DO get lots of sun even tho people may not know it. Thx in advance

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    AFAIK, burros tail needs direct sun for healthy look. Your plant seem to be located too far from windows.

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