Animals Damaging Fig Tree

Discussion in 'Fruit and Nut Trees' started by DavidB52, Sep 25, 2023.

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    Well, the fig tree in the back yard has been damaged again.

    Got home from work and noticed a pretty big branch ripped right off the tree and laying on the ground about two feet away. This branch was about 1" - 1-1/2" in diameter. Ripped right off as well as a strip of bark with it. (Photo 1)

    Something similar happened last autumn too. An even bigger branch, broken right off. Maybe 2" in diameter. (Photo 2)

    I covered the wounds with wound sealer/grafting compound.

    This can't be squirrels can it? I wouldn't think raccoons either, unless there are several climbing on the same branch at the same time. (Could it be a bear?)

    In any case, to remove temptation, and more tree damage, I have removed all the figs from the tree and thrown them in the compost.

    What a shame.

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    David, I assume that the figs that you just removed are from the main crop, not the breba crop, which should have ripened some time ago. Have you ever gotten ripe main crop figs from this tree? If not, then you may as well remove all of the main crop fruits as soon as they form next year, so that they won't attract any animals. If the main crop ripens in Coquitlam, I'd sure like to know what variety of fig it is.
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    Perhaps strong winds in the Metro area in the last day or so is responsible for the damage.

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