Acer palmatum subsp. matsumurae

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    Generally considered more shrublike in growth than the other subspecies of Acer palmatum. Is sometimes considered a species, Acer matsumurae, or alternatively a subspecies of Acer amoenum, if that type is given species status. Japanese name is Yama momiji. Samaras are large like subsp. amoenum and leaves are deeply divided, usually more than three quarters of the way to the leaf base, with the margins double serrate. The dissectum cultivars are derived from this subspecies, as are cultivars such as 'Kinran', 'Shinonome' and 'Azuma murasaki'.

    The tree in the picture shows the wide spreading growth that can often be seen in this subspecies, photo taken at Westonbirt, spring 2009.

    Acer palmatum ssp. matsumurae.jpe
    P.S. It would be good to see pictures of wild specimens in Japan, or trees in Arboreta or private collections grown from wild-collected seed, if anyone has any......
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