A new fruit species from China

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    Hi all, I'm a new member to this forum. Very happy to find such a place to share something special with you.
    My father's friend has cultivated a new fruit species named Chinese celestial jujube. The application for a new breed has been accepted by the new breed protection office of agriculture departmen of China.
    I'll post pictures and the related introduction to it. Hope you'll be interested.

    The miraculous king of fruit kingdom ​
    Dr.ZhangLin is an expert in Chinese medical science, who worked as the director of experts clinic in General Hospital of Beijing Military Region . After 32 years intensive research, he's conquered uncountable difficulties and planted Chinese celestial jujube successfully.
    Chines Celestial Jujube has woody and rattan-like branches, whose fruits look like jujubes, with red peel and pulp. Their edible rate is 99.5%.
    The fruits of Chinese Celestial jujube have a moderate sour and sweet flavor (sugar content: 16-18degree, sour content: 1.2%). The natural fruit weight is 10g, one-leaf-three-fruit, the biggest fruit weighs about 25g, The content ratio of natural Vitamin C in celestial jujube is 212-549 mg/100g; which is 50 times of apple's and 100times of pear′s. The content of Fe, Zn and Ca in celestial jujube is quite rich, too. The content ratio of Ca is about 679mg/100g, so it can be called Ca king of fruit. Celestial jujube contains rich 17 human essential amino acids, and there are no comparable fruits . In particular, Se,Alkali of celestial jujube and Vitamin C are all anti-cancer Elements, which makes it a rare fruit in the world. In a word, it is worthy of the reputation of a high-energy fruit. Celestial jujube has great resistance to diseases and pests. It has never been applied pesticide and there hasn't been special plant diseases and insect pests during several years′cultivation. It grows vigorously and bears rich fruits every year, so it is a full sense of organic fruit.
    The leaf of celestial jujube can be made into precious healh care tea. This has changed the history that tea can not be planted in the north. And even infrequently, it's unecessary to apply pesticide to it, so it is a real organic tea. The tea of celestial jujube doesn't get weak after adding boiling water 8 times, maintaining its original color and taste, leaving long aftertaste, which is almost a magic.
    By drinking celestial jujube tea usually, ”blood waste” can be removed. The tea is also helpful to blood circulation,wind-dispelling, dehumidification, blocking carcinogens and removing the rubbish of the body. It's really a best health care product.
    Because of celestial jujube′s stem and root including celestial jujube Alkali(alkaloids) and several kinds of anti-cancer substance, it is a rare Chinese medicine which can be used to cure cancer, cardiovascular and cerbrovascular diseases, rheumatism,etc.(A large number of clinical cases has proved the celestial jujube′s medicinal value)
    In a word, celestial jujube is a kind of multi-purpose, complex and rare plant. It will play a unimaginable role in human life in the future.


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