20190106 - Seattle - DNA Barcoding Fungi - Jan 6,8,9 2019

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    Jan 8 - An Introduction to Fungal Sequencing.
    Cost: $0
    In this talk Alan Rockefeller will give beginners an understanding of what can be learned via the analysis of mushroom DNA and why it is so cool. By understanding the true relationships between species a deeper level of understanding is possible. Practical implications include discovering new species and determining the edibility of obscure and previously thought to be toxic species. You will learn how to go about sequence DNA, which genes to examine and how to turn the data you get back into useful information. The Sunday before the talk and the day after Alan will teach a hands on DNA barcoding workshop at Sound.bio where you can bring mushrooms to sequence.

    Mushroom DNA Barcoding Workshops:
    A practical hands on lab session where we will extract DNA from mushrooms you bring, copy the gene we want to study with PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction), use gel electrophoresis to see if the PCR worked and send the DNA off for sequencing. $20 course fee. SInce we only can accommodate 10 to 15 participants per session, PSMS is offering 2 workshops. Please RSVP.
    Time & location: Sunday Jan 6, 4-8 pm & Wednesday Jan 9, 6-10 pm at BioSound Lab, 1100 NE 47th St #103, Seattle, WA 98105. PSMS will make ticket registration available. Duration: 4 hours each workshop, , Please note, since there will be a 2 hour period for PCR to do its magic, particpants can go out for dinner, cost not covered by fee.
    No previous lab experience necessary. Contact Shannon Adams to RSVP.

    Contact PSMS - Puget Sound Mycological Society

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