13 August 2019 Tomato Juice

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    13 August 2019 Tomato Juice (PURE)
    Posted on August 13, 2019 by Durgan
    13 August 2019 Tomato Juice13 August 2019 Tomato Juice
    Tomatoes were picked from the garden from 24 plants of various types. Each tomato was perfect. A total of 13 liters of juice was obtained and pressure canned at 15 PSI for 15 minutes for long term storage at room temperature.
    Process was: Wash and cut into quarters, cook about 20 minutes until soft and make into a slurry with a hand blender. Strain the juice through a 2mm mesh hand processor or similar. Put the residue through a Champion Juicer to extract all nutrients. The juice is then placed in liter jars and pressure canned at 15 PSI for 15 Minutes. My canner takes 7 jars so two batches were necessary.
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