Where is my post?

Some ways to find postings you made

  1. wcutler
    So it's the second year you've seen those berries in your yard, and now a friend wants to know what they are. You know you posted them on the forum last year and got a good answer, but now you can't remember the name. Where was that post you did?

    View Your Content

    Mouse over (in some browsers) or click on (in other browsers) your user name in the upper right corner and click on Your Content. Search Results appear showing all your postings, newest to oldest.

    Do a search
    In the Search ... box under your user name at the upper right corner, when you click in that box, the box should expand to include a Posted by Member field. Enter your user name in that box. You might have to enter some text in the search terms (top) box, but if you can't think of any term that for sure was in your posting, you can remove that after you get the box to expand. You can do any kind of search at this location, plant names, characteristics, words you think might have been used to describe a plant you want an ID for.

    If your browser is making it difficult to expand the search box, you can click the More ... button to get the expanded fields and a few more options.

    Of course you were proactive when you made your posting: you used a descriptive subject line that would help you recognize which of your postings is the one you want to find now!

    Email notifications
    If you're a pack rat, or if your posting was recent, and if you kept the box ticked that said you would receive an email notification, you might have the link to your posting in your mail somewhere. Even if your thread was moved to a different forum, the link in that note will still work. Click the button in the note that says View This Thread. If you are looking for a reply you made to someone else's thread, you would only have received an email if you have your Preferences set to receive email notifications.