Outdoor Gardening in the Pacific Northwest - Online and Written Resources

Online and written material related to gardening in the Pacific Northwest

  1. wcutler
    This resource lists websites and would list written material, if some is recommended, related to gardening in the Pacific Northwest. Note that there are separate resource pages for for Pacific Northwest Native Plants Resources, and Plants Identification Resources.

    Feel free to check out the links, add your comments or submit your own link suggestions by clicking the button on the right and discussing them on the Outdoor Gardening in the Pacific Northwest forum.

    Great Plant Pics

    Great Plant Picks is an educational program committed to building a comprehensive palette of outstanding plants for maritime Pacific Northwest gardens. Great Plant Picks is one of the educational outreach programs for the Elisabeth C. Miller Botanical Garden, providing a forum for sharing horticultural information with the wider gardening community. It has been recommended for answering questions such as what should I choose for this spot / location / purpose etc in the coastal Pac NW (coastal Cascadia). It has good photos, and the information about the garden is interesting as well.

    Link location Great Plant Picks: Unbeatable Plants for the Maritime Northwest Garden
    Submitted by Georgia Strait
    Submitted date 20 jun 2018; last confirmed 29 jul 2018