Figure out the right place for my posting

How to decide what sub-forum is the right place for your posting

  1. wcutler
    All these forums - where do I put my posting?

    First, do not stress out about this. This page is here to help you decide on a good place, but if the moderators think there is a better place, we will move your posting, and you will still be able to find it (Where is my post?).

    Here are two general catch-all posting locations:
    Plants Identification: for plant identification questions not covered by specific areas.
    HortForum: For gardening and plant questions not covered by any other open forums. Unsure where to ask your question? Ask it here.

    Is there a better place for your posting?

    Before making your posting, scroll through the forums list on the main forums page to see what forums there are on specific subject areas. If your question or comments fall into one of those areas, you will get speedier and better replies from people who are interested in those areas and who are specifically Watching those forums (usually then would be notified of new threads in those forums). So click the forum title and make your posting there (click Post New Thread). Wait - first read the next paragraph.

    Also, there is already information on that subject in that forum area. Click on the forum name and browse through the postings to see if your question has already been answered or if a conversation is already in progress on your topic. You might be able to get a short-list of possible threads on your topic by doing a search (look for the magnifying glass search icon at the upper right of most pages). If you have something on-topic to add to an existing thread, you can post a reply there.