"Winter pear" tree varieties for Vancouver BC area

Discussion in 'Fruit and Nut Trees' started by tiger_lily, Sep 4, 2009.

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    Burnaby, BC
    When I was a kid, we had what my parents referred to as a "winter pear" tree on our property, which bore fruit very late in the year, and the pears, when fully ripe & sweet, were crunchy, not soft.

    Does anyone know of a pear variety which is like this, which may be suited to our area? I remember especially liking the crunchiness of the pear, and would love to have such a tree.
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    WSU is testing Bosc at the Mt Vernon station for its commercial potential on local sites. They describe this one as an

    "Old French
    variety, classic late dessert pear; russet
    brown skin, rich buttery flavor, firm almost
    crisp flesh and pleasant aroma, also good
    for culinary use (baking, poached pears);
    excellent late keeper"

    in this publication:


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