When is it the right time to collect grass & flower seeds?

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    Its the end of spring in Vancouver and to me grass seeds seem dry and ripe. BUT is it the right time to collect? And can they be re sewn right away into or onto the grass and what is the best way to do? I have tried with tricolor zebra grass and am still waiting . I put the seeds just 2mm under the earth level and another 1/8 of an inch and stil nothing did I collect to early? I also want to know when is best time to collect Peony and Clematis and Rhododendrons giant Poppy flower seeds ? I am concerned to miss the boat with the seeds and than they fall down and are gone. The diffiuclt thing is to know WHAT PART or where is the seed. I am new to the interest of seed collecting with the economy and any plant costing 9.99 to 19.99$ minimum . Why not collect and propagate ?

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