Weird (to me) leaves on Autumn Moon

Discussion in 'Maples' started by dangerine49, Jul 27, 2017.

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    This is my first year with an Autumn Moon that I bought in September. All the leaves have turned a chartreuse green except for two which are red on a lower branch. It's a small branch which has two sub-branches, one with several green leaves and one with the two red ones. What's the deal?

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    Its normal and due to weakness in the branch caused by a lack of light caused by a combination of factors. The canopy has grown causing more shade due to larger leaves and more leaves from this seasons growth. Also now that the sun is changing and starting to move lower in the sky it has contributed to the lack of light exposure and intensity. The tree is doing it's own pruning. You can remove the branch now or wait. I favor removing it now because a smaller pruning cut heals faster and is less likely to contribute to potential decay or infection.

    Another thing worth noting, this is the time of year the tree gets it's second push of growth. The new growth is autumn red in color. There's a chance that is the case with your branch in question. But given it's location and thin diameter it's more likely that what's happening is described in the first paragraph in this response.

    Either way it's normal.
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    Interesting; my Autumn Moon was displaying just the very same thing from July onwards. Thanks for explaining.

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