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    May have finally convinced the husband to let me replace the lawn with ground cover (bribed the man with no more lawn mowing!) We live about 20 miles from Mount Rainier in a wooded area; our lawn opens to the morning sun and holds it till mid afternoon. Presently it is being over run with clover and moss that dies out at the first sign of serious sun.

    We also have a 10-15 foot boarder between our land our neighbors crowded with underbrush; I want to plant a 4-5 foot wild flower bed along the edge to attract butterflies and humming birds.

    Finally, we have a steep grade in the back leading to the wandering 2 acres of wooded area that completely intimidates me! The previous owners attempted to terrace the grade but didn't follow through, I am concerned that erosion may beat us to our attempt at concurring the hill.

    I would greatly appreciate any suggestions you might have to offer.

    Thank you
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    Hire a garden consultant to come out and view each situation in person, discuss the possibilities and probabilities.

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