Need (serious?) help with Dragon Tree!

Discussion in 'Indoor and Greenhouse Plants' started by damnkeen, Sep 11, 2017.

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    Hey guys,

    First time poster here and also a first time plant owner! So I've had this DT for around 2 months now and everything was going real swell: I had read online that some people were watering it every 14 days so I did that but some leaves started to brown, droop and fall off, so I did some more googling and started watering my plant every 7-10 days and the browning stopped and all was well.

    Now maybe 2 or so weeks ago leaves from the top were just dropping off randomly and all of them were starting to droop. From then until now the plant has became what is shown in the photos below, and it happened really rather quickly. The stems at the top are very soft and they and getting darker and darker by the day and the leaves at the base are quite moist.

    The current location of my plant isn't where it is usually placed, I just preemptively put it there in case the plant wasn't getting enough light. I'm only confused because the other trunk and it's leaves seem to be really healthy and have no problems at all. If it's not getting enough light or enough water surely the whole plant would suffer and not just one of them?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Have you checked the roots? Are you sure you’re using the right soil? You probably shouldn’t have it right by a window, also you should probably clip off the dead ones before it travels lol

    I had 4 of these before and they all died because I was using the wrong soil, they turned squishy and the leaves fell off. Then I bought a new one and started using potting soil and I water it once every week, watering depends on where you live and the climate. I Live in a desert so I have to water it more often
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    I feel bad that this posting seemed to have got lost. Thanks @PalominoBlackwing for reviving it.

    @damnkeen, it's a month later. How is it doing now? Did you cut off the dead stems? I would cut them back to a few inches above the ground, or at the ground if they are all soft. If the good one is still ok, then keep doing what you have been doing for the last month. Make very sure after you water it that you pour out any water from the bottom of the jardiniere (the outside pot).

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