Identification: Mold or Mildew??

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    These pictures were taken upon move in to my new apartment. I am convinced that this is mold while the management company is claiming that it is mildew. Please help in identifying what is within my cabinet. I have already alerted the maintenance staff and the remediation consisted of removing a 3'x3' section of drywall and surface removal and paint of the affected area in the pictures. Are these processes adequate for remediation? I ask due to the fact my girlfriend works at the major medical center here in Houston and is constantly around patients. Thank you for your help in advance!

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    Generally identification of organisms of this size category requires microscopy. Molds and mildews are both different kinds of fungi, but microscopic features would differentiate between them. There may be a mold specialist in your local mycology club or university to consult, but they would most likely require microscopic images.
    I am not expert in this topic, but I know in general it is good to get rid of the source of the moisture that is helping to create a habitat for an organism that likes drywall.
    Dr. Kendrick may be able to suggest an expert in your area - Fungi The Fifth Kingdom
    I wish you success in your efforts,

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