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    Here is a new hybrid collection of maples from Iseli nursery. They are crossed to have the beauty of Acer palmatum and cold hardy of Korean Acer pseudosieboldianum. Tested in USDA zone 4a with temperatures down to -30 degrees Fahrenheit (-34 C.) "with no winter dieback".

    "Jack Frost® maples are an exciting new line of small to medium-sized landscape trees from Iseli Nursery. Hybridized over the last 20+ years using Acer pseudosieboldianum as the foundation for hardiness combined with the beauty in leaf and branching of Acer palmatum, they have been evaluated and selected to tolerate the dramatic weather shifts in the upper Midwest of North America. Jack Frost® maples bring a new level of durability to a popular group of landscape trees."

    Acer 'IsIAJ' registered 2/19/2013 as:
    Acer x pseudosieboldianum Arctic Jade® | Iseli Nursery

    Acer 'IslID' registered 4/4/2017 as:
    Acer x pseudosieboldianum Ice Dragon™ | Iseli Nursery

    Acer 'IslNW' registered 4/30/2013 as:
    Acer x pseudosieboldianum North Wind® | Iseli Nursery

    Jack Frost® Collection | Iseli Nursery

    Acer 'IsIAvl' registered 9/17/2013 as:
    Acer x pseudosieboldianum Avalanche® | Iseli Nursery
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    I wonder if they're grafting onto pseudosieboldianum? And will every other licensee do the same?

    I can't help but note that the cultivar names are impossible to say, which pretty much forces people to use the TM name! :)

    Avoids the 'Gwen's Rose Delight' vs Shirazz problem, though the rules have it we're supposed to use the cultivar name to refer to the various clones...


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