Failing at grafting Sorrento lemon on Eureka lemon.

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    Hello. Today I have got a grafted Sorrento lemon from a nursery. The drive took 3 days so the plant was a little shaken a couple of leafs fell and some of them curled, since it did not have water or light for 3 straight days.

    I got it home, put it in a south window and watered it thoroughly, I also sprayed water on its leaves.

    After aprox 6 hours I went ahead to prune it since the top leafs were deteriorated. So I cut an aprox 20 cm branch, removed all the leafs, cut it in three smaller branches and did the cleft grafting method on my 3 seed grown 2 year old Eureka lemons.

    The problem was that the cambium started peeling off the scion as I was inserting it into the root stock, I couldn`t use another one since I only had 3, so I went ahead to position it as good as I could but I don`t know if the scion touches the root stock, because when I used sticky tape the scion moved a little.

    Should I just wait a couple of weeks and see what happens? Are there any signs that I should look for in case the graft is not working?

    PS: The trees are grown inside, I have never put them outside since I live in a 15 stories block. I have never used fertilizers on my seed grown trees and in two years they got to 100 cm long BEFORE I cut them for the graft.

    There are also around 6 buds on the scion, I know there should only be 3, but the scion is already very small and I don`t know if I should cut any more of it.

    There is also a picture with the graft.

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