Bacterial Leaf Scorch

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    Here is a link to extensive information on Bacterial Leaf Scorch (BLS).
    Bacterial leaf scorch (BLS) of shade trees
    Those in the Midwest to the Gulf states should take notice that leaf hoppers spread BLS. I know from personal experience when leaf hoppers gave BLS to my 'Goshiki shidare.'

    For those looking for condensed information on BLS or other disease, I recommend checking out the maple resources page or this information not yet listed:

    Maple Diseases (Plant Diseases)

    If you live in PA your landscape plant disease problems can be tested:
    Plant Disease Clinic (Penn State University)

    Note that most states offer same services via state University co-op extension service or check with state agriculture department or department of forestry for the best service in your area. Some now offer email submitted photos for quick response of pest or disease diagnosis, but further lab testing maybe needed for a definitive diagnosis.
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