19 April 2017 Pea Soup

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    http://durgan.org/2017/April%202017/19%20April%202017%20Pea%20Soup/HTML/ 19 April 2017 Pea Soup
    About six liters of pea soup was made and placed in plastic containers and frozen. Each container is about three meals. The ham bone was pressure cooked for half an hour to insure the meat came of in strings,which it did. Dried garbanzo peas and some whole dried peas were used, boiled for half and hour to soften. The juice for cooking was various slurries of sweet potato, onion, carrots, beets, celery, onion and others. Some lentils were added.All canned during the 2016 Summer season. All the ingredients were placed in the pressure cooker and cooked for 45 minutes. The ham was removed and the ingredients were hand blended into a slurry. The meat was removed from the ham bone and some was placed in each storage container. The soup is a nice texture, full of nutrients, not too salty.The ham bone cost $16.00 and has an amazing amount of meat.

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