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  1. wcutler
    A set of resources for maple enthusiasts, with a few with relevance to trees in general.

    Please suggest other links or let me know if a link no longer works in the thread linked to by the Discussion tab.

    You can find links to nurseries at
    Maples: Nurseries Specializing in Maples in North America
    Maples: Nurseries Specializing in Maples Outside of North America

    The Maple Society
    The Maple Society's goals are to encourage the cultivation of maples, to enable members to learn from each other about their propagation, cultivation, introduction and identification, and to facilitate the study of the botany, uses and cultural needs of maples. If you are a member of the Maple Society, you are entitled to be recognized as such on your user profile. Click on your name (upper right on the screen), then Personal Details. Enter your real name in the line for Maple Society Sign-up. Once your membership in the society is confirmed, a Maple Society banner will display on your profile.

    Link location The Maple Society
    Submitted by Daniel Mosquin
    Submitted date 06 Oct 2005; last confirmed 5 Nov 2015

    Barbara's Japanese Maple Avenue
    A weblog featuring (in time) over 250 cultivars of maples (with photographs). Thanks to acerave for pointing it out

    Link location Barbara's Japanese Maple Avenue
    Submitted by Daniel Mosquin
    Submitted date 06 Mar 2007; last confirmed 11 Nov 2015

    Czech Maple Photo Gallery
    Flora of Czech Republic includes a good Maple section with photos.

    Link location Portál české flóry
    Submitted by emery
    Submitted date 20 Nov 2013; last confirmed 8 Nov 2015

    Database of Japanese Woods
    The image database of Japanese woody plant specimens housed in the xylarium of the Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute. Navigate to the Herbarium Specimens area, where you can select Aceraceae to see field and herbarium images of Acer species.

    Herbarium link location Database of Japanese Woods
    Submitted by chimera; link updated by chimera
    Submitted date 3 Mar 2010; last confirmed 9 Nov 2015

    Don Schmidt Nursery - Maple Books
    PDFs with information on each maple variety with several photos. The full book (389 pages) has everything, or you can check out trees by categories like upright, dwarf, variegated...etc. Many show examples of mature trees. There is some discussion regarding this book in the Maple Resources discussion thread.

    Link location Don Schmidt Nursery | Maple Books
    Submitted by JT1
    Submitted date 10 May 2016; last confirmed 28 Nov 2016

    érables accueil
    Excellent illustrated reference on purportedly all species of Acer, with very accurate info on classification, synonyms, description, habitat. In French; google offers to translate every page. By Jean-Louis Hélardot, a physician who is passionate about trees.

    Link location érables accueil
    Submitted by AlainK
    Submitted date 18 May 2017; last confirmed 18 May 2017

    Another good mpales forum. GardenWeb is one of the oldest, largest and most comprehensive garden forums. These forums are now part of Houzz.

    Link location Maples Forum - GardenWeb
    Submitted by Andre
    Submitted date 06 Oct 2005; last confirmed 11 Nov 2015

    Genus Central™ at
    This link is obsolete but is historical as home of the NEW PLANT PAGE from 1992 to 2008, the first website to document new landscape plants, particularly cultivars (cultivated varieties), and present them in detail with nursery source links in the public interest, updated every single week. The NEW ORNAMENTALS SOCIETY was founded in 1996 to manage this amazing opportunity to share new plant data around the world free and without need for a publisher and having no cost to publish frequent updates. This is believed to be one of the first garden websites to reach 1 million pageviews per year. It was also one of the first garden websites to be cited in academic and professional literature.

    All the society's content, now 3.2 Gigabytes and 7000 images strong is found at
    There is some Acer information, a few photos, some links that work and some that do not.
    Submitted by andre; updated by wcutler
    Submitted date 06 Oct 2005; ; last confirmed 8 Nov 2015

    Henriette's Herbal: Acer key and image collection
    Acer key and image collection by Jan De Langhe, hosted on the website of Henriette Kress. Viewable as html or pdf.

    Gomero wrote in a review of this resource: These keys were field tested by the Maple Society Members during the las Maple Society Symposium. They were excellent; we obtained 100% ID success rate for all the maples we tested.

    Link location The genus Acer L. (Sapindaceae). | Henriette's Herbal Homepage
    Submitted by maf
    Submitted date 19 Aug 2011; last confirmed 8 Nov 2015

    Instructional Videos - Arboriculture Video Series
    Over 50 videos constituting a unique urban tree teaching program for helping municipalities, contractors, arborists, educators, growers, landscapers, and others design and implement programs for promoting better tree health in cities, from the Environmental Horticulture Department at the University of Florida in Gainesville. You can read a bit more in the posting recommending this resource, at Arboriculture Video Series.

    Link location Instructional videos - Edward F. Gilman - UF/IFAS
    Submitted by JT1
    Submitted date 28 Jul 2017; last confirmed 28 Jul 2017

    Japanse Esdoorn - My Own Japanese Maple Collection
    This site has a lot of pictures and info about Japanese maples. Site is in Dutch, but by clicking the links at the top, you can navigate to varieties categorized by colour or height, or view the photos by date.

    Link location Welkom op de startpagina van Japanse Esdoorn
    Submitted by MikawaYatsubusa, updated by maf
    Submitted date 3 May 2008; last confirmed 11 Nov 2015

    Maple Acer
    A very complete Japanese website by Masayoshi Yano, the author of Book for Maples. In Japanese. On the right hand side are links to different sections, for instance this one カエデモミジ園芸品種リスト that has further links to lists of cultivars.

    Link location JGf ~W MAPLE Acer /^A (
    Submitted by Andre; updated by maf
    Submitted date 06 Oct 2005; last confirmed 11 Nov 2015

    Maples & Japanese Culture
    Maples and Japanese Culture: "A complete website on maples by a Japanese maple addict, Hajime Hayashida". Good photographic resource.

    Link location Maples & Japanese Culture
    Submitted by Andre and also by by
    Submitted date 06 Oct 2005; last confirmed 14 Jan 2017

    Nippon no Momiji
    Another great japanese website by a maple addict. Only in japanese but many pictures.

    Link location にっぽんのもみじ
    Submitted by Andre; Recommend by maf;
    Submitted date 06 Oct 2005; last confirmed 8 Nov 2015

    OSU Online Guide to Maple Diseases
    Link to Oregon State University Extension index of diseases that affect maples, with information as to cause and symptoms, and possible methods of cultural and chemical control.

    Link location Host and Disease Descriptions | Pacific Northwest Plant Disease Handbook
    Submitted by maf; link updated by maf
    Submitted date 15 Aug 2010; last confirmed 8 Nov 2015

    Plantaholic Sheila's Flickr albums
    Our own forum member Silver surfer has posted photos of the 220 named Acers species and cultivars from her former garden in Wales. Every single plant was labelled and catalogued. The 1300 photos are split into five albums alphabetically.

    Link location Plantaholic Sheila’s albums | Flickr
    Submitted by wcutler
    Submitted date 01 Apr 2017; last confirmed 01 Apr 2017

    Pruning: Way of Maple
    What is aesthetic pruning? Why does the maple inspire so many people? Find out on this website.

    Link location Way of Maple - Aesthetic Pruning of Japanese Maple Trees, Acer Palmatum, Laceleaf Maple
    Submitted by
    Submitted date 01 Jan 2007; last confirmed 11 Nov 2015

    Red List of Maples
    A list and discussion (in PDF format) of endangered/threatened/vulnerable maple species can be downloaded from this page at Global Trees Campaign.

    Link location The Red List of Maples - Global Trees
    Submitted by maf; link updated by maf
    Submitted date 18 Feb 2012; last confirmed 8 Nov 2015

    Serene Gardens
    A personal website with descriptions of a lot of Japanese Maples, and links to several suppliers.

    Link location Japanese Maples
    Submitted by Andre
    Submitted date 06 Oct 2005; last confirmed 15 Jan 2017

    Sukiya Living - Japanese Garden Journal
    Magazine with articles written by craftsmen who studied in Japan and are considered experts in their craft. They offer topics of interest like Japanese maples, and there are some sample articles. See a detailed description in this forum posting: Pruning: - Acer shirasawanum - PLEASE HELP!! .

    Link location Japanese Garden Journal
    Submitted by JT1
    Submitted date 15 Jan 2017; last confirmed 15 Jan 2017

    Sylvics Manual
    This publication of the US Forest Service, Northeast Area, was recommended as a great resource on hardwood trees including maples. The information provided is in-depth and covers a wide range; including range of native habitat, growth conditions/ climate, seed germination methods/ reproduction, and damaging agents/ pests & disease. Note also from that site:
    Checklist of Organisms Causing Tree Diseases and the Glossary.

    Link location
    Submitted by JT1
    Submitted date 21 Jul 2017; last confirmed 21 Jul 2017

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