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Discussion in 'HortForum' started by IcanPlan, Mar 29, 2009.

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    Hello and glad to be here.

    This board is so vast I would like to find people in the Zone 5B or 6A who have the same problems I do. I have almost 2 acres to manage and need all sorts of help from why my pear tree has spots growing, and why the fruit looks like a cabbage patch doll. I want to plant some grapes and get the harvested this year. Can I do that? and the list goes on and on like this post. Sorry.

    I have uploaded some pix I took this AM so that you can see what I have to do. just click on a blue link and it will download.

    Thanks soooo much for your time and feedback.

    Ron Alford
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    Hi Ron,

    You'll likely get a better reply to your queries if you target them on particular boards -- e.g., post about the peach in the fruit and nut trees area, post about the grapes in the grapes forum, etc., etc.

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    Nonetheless, welcome to the forum. There are quite a few New Englanders around.

    To my (non-expert) eye, the pear tree looks healthy enough. That pale green growth on the limb is just a harmless lichen. You might want to cut some dead wood away, and perhaps prune lightly to improve light and and air circulation to the branches that will bear fruit. I'm sure you can good advice about keeping the fruit healthy in the fruit-and-nut tree area, as Daniel suggests.

    The larger (sugar maple?) tree also looks like a fine old specimen, though it's got some damage to the bark in at least one spot, and some dead wood, and other scars that come with age. But I wouldn't make this a priority concern -- the big picture looks pretty sound here.

    Grapes I don't know about.

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