Zebra Grass Did I do this right ? and a vert bright green grass?

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    I bought Zebra grass last year in the nursery. When I saw the lovely seeds on top of the grass later on. I decided to collect it all before it will grow everywhere in the garden in Vancouver. Now I have made small pots and spinkled some on top than covered with 1'2 inch of soil and watered. Will this work to make clums of Zebra grass or is it a the wrong way. I also burried some along my walk way into the house hoping it will mix with day lillies. Any advise anyone?
    I also have a very light green grass ( dont know the name) that has small flowers now
    When and how do I know it will turn to seed ? And can I collect it all and do the same thing STILL THIS SPRING to make it grow in other areas for me to see it this summer?
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