Young Jacaranda trees - trim or not?

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    I have 2 trees that are about a year and 1/2 at this point. Thin spindly central shaft. I've never had these trees before and I'm curious about care. One tree had a bunch of shoots coming out of the base, which I trimmed, but there are more about 1/4 of the way up. Trim or not? Since I did this, there have been similar shoots coming out of the top of the tree. This tree lost all its branches in the cold. They were very fragile and some fell on their own while others fell after I gently touched them. Second question is the 2nd tree still has its branches, should I knock these off too? One school of thought is that the water will go to new growth and make it over all stronger, but my fear is that it has lost all its branches and will be stunted?? I've attached photos, hopefully that helps with my lack of correct terminology.

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    I think what you are calling branches might actually be the base of the compound leaves (which is why they are falling off easily). Branch growth on these should be woody. I'm not familiar enough with jacaranda to know if this is how they grow as a young tree (no to few branches when young).

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