Yosemite Gold mandarin

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    Today we harvested the fruit from the wonderful Yosemite Gold mandarin. This has to be one of my favourite mandarins so far, and we have 9 different kinds in our collection that I've tried, as well as countless others from the store. Have not tried the Shasta Gold yet as we just got it last year and it has not borne fruit yet.

    The Yosemite Gold has it all: sweet, large, easy to peel, fabulous complex taste and scent, prolific, seedless. A real hit with everyone that tries the fruit. As can be seen the fruit is a pretty dark orange colour.

    The tree is about 4 feet tall so far. The basket is about half the crop from this little tree this year.

    Our notes on the Yosemite Gold mandarin are available here: Mandarin, Yosemite Gold | Aprici

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