Identification: Yellowish shelf fungus, looks delicate but is not

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    This fungus along the rhody garden path in Stanley Park is working on a stump. I thought it looked so delicate, but was surprised when I got up the nerve to touch it and found it quite solid.
    Fungus-yellowish_CeperleyMeadow_Cutler_20200911_150918.jpg Fungus-yellowish_CeperleyMeadow_Cutler_20200911_150928.jpg Fungus-yellowish_CeperleyMeadow_Cutler_20200911_151031.jpg Fungus-yellowish_CeperleyMeadow_Cutler_20200911_150941.jpg Fungus-yellowish_CeperleyMeadow_Cutler_20200911_151009.jpg
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