Yellowing on leaves of Wisteria floribunda

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    I am in Ottawa (zone 5a) and planted a Japanese Wisteria last summer. It really shot up this spring, although the numerous shoots all seemed to stop growing once they hit about 2' (the ends just dried up and died back). Otherwise, everything seems normal.
    However, I have noticed that the leaves have a bit of a mottled yellowing on them (see attached pics).
    Any ideas what is causing this, or is this nothing to worry about?

    I am a bit concerned that this could be mosaic virus. Virtually all the leaves have this appearance, so if it is the virus I am afraid my wisteria could be doomed. However, it is planted in an area with lot of clay (about 12" down it's all clay), and is right next to a cement footing (for the post it was supposed to climb up). I've read these conditions can sometimes inhibit iron uptake, causing a yellowing of the leaves, but in that case I would have expected a more uniform yellowing.
    I haven't checked the soil pH right next to the plant, but in other parts of my yard it's about neutral (7).
    Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated.


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