Xerophyllum tenax

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    On the way back to Vancouver from a recent camping trip in the Rockies, my friend and I decided to take an unorthodox "shortcut" from Kimberley to Gray Creek by using a "Forest Service Road". Well it turned out to be a long rough ride on a steep, narrow, gravel road that wound up and down through mountains and valleys. If it wasn't for the fabulous sight we found near the highest point of our journey, I would say that the "shortcut" wasn't a good idea. However, finally getting a close-up look at bear grass in full bloom made the bumpy ride well worth the trip. I've tried to grow bear grass (Xerophyllum tenax) in my own garden, but I've never managed to get it to survive the entire seven years that it takes to bloom. It's nice to finally see the interesting bloom, even though these plants will die once they are finished with their long-awaited floral display. I just had to share my photo.

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