Wollemi pine in Portland

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    This is a 14 foot tall (4.3 meters) Wollemi pine growing in someone's front yard in Milwaukie, Oregon (not far from Portland). That area is in climate zone 8a, but it is in the middle of the suburbs, which probably helps.
    The guy said he paid $300 for the tree when it was 3 feet tall, but I think that was years ago when Wollemi pines were very hard to find.

    wollemipine-milwaukie,OR, front.jpg wollemipine-milwaukie,OR,back.jpg wollemipine-milwaukie,OR,cones.jpg

    The guy's name who is growing this is Luke. His home is only about a quarter of a mile away from the Kairos-Milwaukie church.

    That hedge in background of the picture really is 9 feet tall (2.75 meters), for comparison.
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    The 300 dollar 5 gallon pot ones were the first I saw at local outlets. Since then I have seen signs of another distribution in the same size - a Seattle area retailer got in a bunch of them late 2019 I think it was. Rather than the one here and there at more than one outlet that had occurred previously. Between those two instances a favored Iseli customer located in Skagit County had liners for about 17 dollars US on display for a time - probably all of the west coast - and maybe US or even North American - production (regardless of size) making its way to garden centers has been by Iseli.

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