Wisteria woes

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    I have two wistera vines growing in similar locations in my backyard here in coastal Bristish Columbia. They were planted four years ago - both were healthy, and growing fine until this year. Due to a cooler than normal spring, both wisteria vines were late budding, however as soon as the weather warmed they began sprouting as usual. After two weeks I noticed that one of the vines growth had stopped while the other continued it's aggresive growing habit up the arbour that was built for it. The growth on the stunted vine began to leaf out as normal but appears to have stopped at around the two week growth stage. The tender leaves are three to four inches long and look healthy, however the flower buds have since dried up but remain on the plant. I have checked the trunk and branches for signs of injury or disease as well as insects - and all looks well. No new growth buds are forming, yet it doesn't look as if it's dying - I would appreciate anyone's opinion or suggestions that may help me with my wisteria woes.

    Thx :-)
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